Photocrafty is a fun, quirky and visual guide to making the most of your Digital SLR.

Turn off the ‘auto’ button and dip into this easy-to-use book to create stunning photographs of your own, using just a little bit of crafty know-how.

This refreshingly non-technical, low-fi approach will appeal to photographers of all abilities, allowing you to produce fantastic shots and improve your SLR confidence along the way.

Discover 75 projects to try at home, or out and about, with minimal faff and equipment, just by following simple step-by-step instructions. From mastering the basic camera techniques like shutter zoom and light trails, to more crafty projects such as DIY aerial, fish-eye effects and pin-hole shots, this book has a range of ideas for beginners and more experienced photographers wanting to try something a bit different.

Stop using your Digital SLR at arms length – get stuck in and hands on, with Photocrafty.

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Sue Venables


About the author

Sue Venables studied Fine Art at Middlesex University, UK and Cooper Union, New York  Experimenting with film and video techniques while in New York, Sue discovered the creative potential of lens-based media and began a career in TV.

She is currently Lecturer in Video and Photography at City of Westminster College, London, and is an accomplished lifestyle photographer. Sue’s favourite pastime is browsing second-hand shops and flea markets for vintage cameras.

Follow Sue on Twitter @photocrafty.