About us

Punk Publishing is a small, independent publishing company. Our independence means we can produce the sort of books we’d like to see on bookshelves, not the predictable books that large publishers favour. We have a passion for what we do and a firm belief that if we care about our books and give them plenty of love, the book-reading public will love them too.

Beginning in 2006 as a one man band, Punk Publishing was set up by Jonathan Knight to publish his personal labour of love, Cool Camping England. The book instantly captured the imagination of the nation, became a travel best-seller, and has been re-printed seven times. Since then, the company has quickly expanded staff-wise, and title-wise, with a small selection of hand picked publishing talent extending the series to incorporate Wales, Scotland, France, Europe, Kids, The Cool Camping Guide to Festivals and the Cool Camping Cookbook.

Since then, we’ve also published Wild SwimmingWild Swimming Coast, Escape Routes, Taste Britain, Tiny Campsites, Rock ‘n’ Roll Hotels and Bust A Move.

The Punk philosophy comes from a simple assertion that the existing order – the establishment – is not always what people want in their lives. We’re here to challenge the norms and rules of publishing. And have some fun along the way

Punk Publishing is now Tripadee Ltd.